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Date: 21 Mar 2008

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> I tink your use of the words 'change up' are very appropriate. As I said
> before I have been
> lucky in that I got this series off the ground and it looks like I could
> write about Harry
> Bosch until one of us drops. But that is not good enough. For the series to
> sustain it has to
> evolve. That goes for the character and the writer. So I am always looking
> to throw the
> change up. I think its the only way to be able to take this thing the
> distance.

I'm curious about the distance. I read an interview that you did in '99 I believe where you said you'd like to do maybe another half dozen Bosch novels.
 in a later interview, circa '02 or '03, you said pretty much the same thing.
  I'm not taking you to task for it. on the contrary, I'm delighted you're able to keep finding stories to tell, and not only maintain the quality, but even expand it

in The Black Ice however, you peg Bosch's year of birth as 1950, making him 58 this year. I don't know if LAPD has mandatory retirement at a certain age.
  you've had Bosch retire from the police force and continue his personal mission once already

so I guess what my question is, do you now have an actual end of the series in mind? and if so, are you working toward that end?

John Lau

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