RARA-AVIS: Re: Harry Bosch thru other's eyes

From: michaelconnelly187 ( michaelconnelly187@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Mar 2008

Yes, you are right. The Brass Verdict is a Mickey Haller book so it is in first person and you see the world through his eyes. Bosch place a big part in the book but the scales still tip toward it being a Haller book. So, yes, it was another way of continuing the Bosch story but exploring the character a little bit from another angle. It will be very interesting to see what the reaction is. I think the people who like the Bosch books like them because you know what he is thinking and how he views the world. There is none of that in BV. It's Haller's view so what you have are Bosch's actions and what he says. Never what he's thinking.

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> Mike, you created Harry Bosch as a third person character, but have written 2
> novels and several short stories in the first person from his point of view.
> you've also said in the past that you teamed Bosch with Terry McCaleb and
> later with Rachel Walling to see the detective from a different perspective, in
> your ongoing effort to keep your series character fresh
> in your new book THE BRASS VERDICT, you've placed him with your newest
> creation, Mickey Haller. since THE LINCOLN LAWYER was written in a very vivid
> first person from the attorney's point of view, this seems like a great
> opportunity to do something you haven't tried yet, which is to write ABOUT Bosch from
> the first person POV of another character
> was this something you at least considered?
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