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Date: 07 Jan 2010

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    Jim Doherty:
    > Fourth, McBain managed a diversity of approaches in the 87th Precinct series unmatched by any other police writer, with the possible exception of John Wainwright. In the 87th Precinct series one can find locked room mysteries like KILLER'S WEDGE, complicated caper novels like THE HECKLER (my personal favorite of the series), fast action thriller like SEE THEM DIE, classic whodunits like LADY KILLER, dying message mysteries like LADY, LADY, I DID IT, political allegories like HAIL TO THE CHIEF, criminal protagonist novels like HE WHO HESITATES, modular "multiple plot" stories like HAIL, HAIL, THE GANG'S ALL HERE, and comic romps like FUZZ.

    Jim, thank you in particular for this portion of your McBain summary. The sheer number of 87th Precint series makes it easy to avoid them altogether. I think this is why I picked the Evan Hunter "collaboration" as my lone try at the series. This summary of different types of books within the series makes me want to read every one you've mentioned.

    Before leaving this topic, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Brant character's love of the 87th Precinct books through Ken Bruen's series.


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