RARA-AVIS: Horrible Terrible Awful things happening to children.

From: David Wright (dwright333@yahoo.com)
Date: 26 Apr 2009

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    Hey, there. 
        I'm assisting a dramaturg working on a really great play called "The Pillowman," in which a character spins these creepy Kafkaesque fairy tales where icky unspeakable things happen to children, like being buried alive and crucified and like that. (The author is hauled in and interrogated by the State because of this - it is a great play).
       Anyhoo, I'm looking for stories, tales and novels that have a similar bent. Obvious examples would be things like Struwwelpeter/Shock-Headed Peter, and some of the darker Grimm stories. More contemporary crime fiction would be fine, too, if it is just filled with those themes, though it is really the Tale sort of thing that is most wanted. Thought I'd try you fine folks, knowing you've got some creepy stuff stashed away in your mental attics.
      Thanks much,
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