RARA-AVIS: Re: Maj Sj÷wall and Per Wahl÷÷'s Martin Beck series

From: zupidupi (mikael.eriksson@mattliden.fi)
Date: 25 Apr 2009

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    >> "Well, I would have to disagree with this statement, especially the term 'subliminal.' ...

    > Well, I can't really argue with this analysis, though I don't think it was quite the "froth-mouthed ranting" you found it to be.

    Yeah, OK, I overstated my point here. I guess we're trying to find some common ground here, between "subliminal" and "almost frothmouthed". "Quite tedious ranting" would probably be closer to the truth.

    Regarding the Marxism of the series and the authors: I couldn't pinpoint the exact area of leftism the authors are moving in. I think that they mainly point out problems with the (then) current system, and rarely offer solutions/alternative models. It's an interesting little piece of trivia, though, that the *very last* word in this almost 3000 word long series is..."Marx".


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