RE: RARA-AVIS: Horrible Terrible Awful things happening to children.

From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 26 Apr 2009

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    GRIMM MEMORIALS, R. Patrick Gates. Mass-market horror pbo.

    I'd never recommend it as I felt it was utter exploitative trash that went beyond the pale, and my sensitivities on the subject are already hyper-sensitive...but it sounds like the type of book you want.

    Ron C.

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    > Hey, there.
    >     I'm assisting a dramaturg working on a really great play called "The
    > in which a character spins these creepy Kafkaesque fairy tales where icky
    > unspeakable things happen to children, like being buried alive and
    crucified and like
    > that. (The author is hauled in and interrogated by the State because of
    this - it is a
    > great play).
    >    Anyhoo, I'm looking for stories, tales and novels that have a similar
    bent. Obvious
    > examples would be things like Struwwelpeter/Shock-Headed Peter, and some
    > the darker Grimm stories. More contemporary crime fiction would be fine,
    too, if it is
    > just filled with those themes, though it is really the Tale sort of thing
    that is most
    > wanted. Thought I'd try you fine folks, knowing you've got some creepy
    > stashed away in your mental attics.
    > Thanks much,
    > David Wright                            "Que
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