Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: The Post-Modern Parsley of Pretension

From: Robert Elkin (
Date: 09 Feb 2007

A former professor of mine described nostalgia as an inability to face history coupled with an inability to discard the past. What do you think?

--- Jacques Debierue <> wrote:

> I think the winks, unless they are the touches of a
> real master, tend to spoil the effect of the
> story. Also, there should not be too many winks. In
> fact, I manage a hardboiled or noir story
> quite well without any winks whatever. Jason Starr
> doesn´t wink. Richard Stark doesn´t wink.
> Hammett didn´t wink.
> In film, the winks are even worse, in fact, they can
> be destructive. After all, one has seen
> plenty of the real article not to need any
> reminders. If the new article comes up in quality to
> the real old article, the viewer knows.
> Perhaps we should just banish nostalgia, of which
> the wink is a giveaway sign. What good is
> nostalgia? To have the entire past ahead of one? If
> you will forgive the harsh pronouncement,
> I think nostalgia is a sign of decadence. I think
> history backs me up in this harsh
> pronouncement.
> Best,
> MrT

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