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Date: 09 Feb 2007

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>And if anyone thinks it¹s being overdone, they¹re welcome to nominate
>themselves to be kicked on a panel in the future. God forbid that we should
>actually care about other people and take offense when they¹re hurt. Ken¹s
>post here made it clear that he has been deeply hurt by this. I, for one,
>will not dismiss that or discount it. It¹s real, and he sure as hell didn¹t
>deserve it. He has done nothing other than be one of the most supportive,
>encouraging people in the genre, who has done more for noir/hardboiled
>fiction than any other contemporary author. He is an inspiration, in both
>his writing and how he lives. I am so blessed to know him.

>I don¹t think the apology should be first and foremost issued to this list ­
>although I do think that the apology should be posted on DorothyL and 4MA as
>well in order to reach as many people who attended the convention as
>possible. What¹s really necessary is a direct apology off this list to Ken

>Sandra Ruttan

Aren't we on DorothyL? The last few days it has certainly seemed so.

Three things are now apparent:

1) Tim Wohlforth must be tarred and feathered in public no matter how quick he is with a detailed apology/explanation of his - still not precisely quoted - words on a panel at a mystery convention.

2) All copies of Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye must be rounded up and thrown into the furnace. Anyone stupid enough to have enjoyed the film despite its outrageous disrepect for its underlying twenty year old source material should be tossed in along with the flick.

3) It's a good thing Altman passed away before he could mess up a Ken Bruen book.

Ah, rara-avis. Home of the tough guy (and gal).

Hey, how about them Colts?


(I have a feeling I just nominated myself to be kicked. Big time!)

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