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Date: 06 Nov 2009

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    Thanks for the article...the last sentence is funny...˛But Sony's Haber argues that if it's women you're after, technology is man's best friend. Pull out a book in a bar and you look lonely. But whip out a Sony Reader and watch the magic happen. If you want to meet a girl," he says, "don't get a dog, get a reader."

    Išll ask my younger and single friends how it works...?


    On 11/6/09 1:21 AM, "Mark Sullivan" <> wrote:

    > The way the mother is talking, it sounds like she's leaning in that direction.
    > She also likes the idea of being able to manipulate print size. She's a
    > reader, but not a collector, does not hold onto the books she reads,
    > contributes them to church book sales, so she's not particularly tied to the
    > artifact.
    > And how's this for synchronicity? Today's Washington Post had a front page
    > article on E-Readers:
    > 4.html?hpid=topnews
    > Mark
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    >> > Yes, I think e-readers' convenience and light weight would make them ideal
    >> for travel but in that capacity they are still complementary, supplementary
    >> to books. The idea raised by several respondents here that the e-reader could
    >> replace most books entirely is disturbing for both reader and author.
    >> >
    >> > Do you think these 40-70 -something women would want to switch entirely to
    >> an e-reader?
    >> >
    >> > Kari
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    >> Mark Sullivan <DJ-Anonyme@...> wrote:
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    >>> > > My brother's wife (in her 40s) and her mother (in her late 60s or 70s),
    >>> both of whom read a lot, have been talking about wanting a Kindle since the
    >>> last upgrade. They've tried them in demos and think they will be extremely
    >>> convenient for traveling.

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