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Date: 06 Nov 2009

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    Actually you last comment (but who would sort the wheat from the chaff?) is still a puzzle and a worry for me... For decades I read assiduously, every week the NME (music mag from the UK that IS/WAS the critical measure). It had a series of reviewers who were acerbic, funny, savage...some of them became quite famous in the anglo-saxon music press. It had a Œpoint-of-view¹, a stance and it helped many bands to fame, stardom, and deliquescence...At that time there was a definable music scene, wether you spoke of majors or all the independents that proliferated around the globe, and the distribution channel was unified: music stores
    (independents and major chains) and that¹s where I built a vast collection of LP¹s, then Cassettes, then Cd¹s... I have no idea and defy anybody to give some sense of the music production anywhere and everywhere. ..It all come from the talk of friends, from certain bribes picked up in blogs, is very hard to find critiques that are not Œsponsored¹ somewhere...the mags like NME have been sold to big publishers and basically run reports of live stuff and Œpeople¹ rag stuff...²point of view² is nowhere to be seen...Very disconcerting, a world without any anchors... Very hard not to think that the book world is on the same path... Look, most of us rely on this discussion group and a few blogs or websites to form an opinion to buy/borrow some book, but basically is is all very disseminated and fragmented...and, to be optimistic, that is a proof of effervescence... Where is the wheat and where is the is all a great gamble nowadays... It pushes people, me included, to stay with core values, core writers, core that a good thing...?


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    > I wouldn't worry about the future ... where rubbish is being published.
    > After all, "real" publishers actually print the works of Dan Brown!
    > The future has already arrived.
    > (Did I really say that out loud?) ;)
    > Steve
    > yes- everyone and his or her brother and sister could directly publish their
    > e-book to Amazon but who would sort the wheat from the chaff?

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