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Date: 10 Oct 2009

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    i'm half way through and i find it hard to believe i read it before, so i'm thinking i didn't. maybe i saw the movie. but i'm having a hard time remembering that too, except for stacy keach.

    i was smokin pot all day every day for years, so anything is possible. it's like my parents' memories. they can forget they read a book or saw a movie and enjoy it again.

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    Can't remember reading it? If you read the final paragraph of Thompson's Killer Inside Me and do not rmember having read it before, I will find it hard to believe you really did read it before. Those sentences seared themselves into my cortex. The close of The Name of the Game is Death will stick with you, too. You're reading some great stuff.
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    willeford's 'miami blues' - i think i put it off since i had seen the film, but the book was definitely worth reading even knowing what i did already. i am now starting the 2nd hoke

    vachss' 'another life' - the last of the burke series, so i went back, after burning out, as many of you have. it's not a must read, even for those who followed the series at all. similar to the ones following the first 3 or 4 classics. some great bits and parts but a lot of rehashing and not even any huge things one would need to know about the characters if you've followed them.

    thompson's 'pop 1280' - damn good as i'm sure you know. i'm now rereading his 'killer inside me' tho i'm not really remembering reading it (drugs? age?).

    i'm still reading/savoring marlowe's 'name of the game is death' slowly, on purpose. another one i found out about here.

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