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Date: 09 Oct 2009

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    Yup, itıs probably 08 in a rara discussion you were quoting Peter Gun (itıs a gas, man)...I wonder where this (Is that a cosmopolitan you're drinking . . . ?) quote is from...
    ... but check the reference to the Drunkard Mag below...

    Montois only goes for Armagnac...never for drinks...except for caipinrinhas

    ps: some say the cosmo was invented at the Cork & Cleaver at 2 Bevington St, Glenunga SA 5064, which is described as such in the Best Restaus of Australia website:
    ³A place like the Cork and Cleaver does not need flowery words or waffling descriptions, a glance at the menu indicates the type of place it is. A no-nonsense meat-heavy restaurant, the menu laden with dishes like prime rib and scotch fillet.²

    Thatıs bizarre since it is such a disgusting drink, I can;t think of it with a steack...or anything... Do you know any Œnoirı characters into it...???...I guess no noir characters in Sex & the City (Iım told they drink it there??) although Iıve never seen it..?

    On 10/9/09 10:16 PM, "Jeff Vorzimmer" <> wrote:
    > I donıt understand your comment on Œoodlesı...why wouldnıt it
    apply to
    >> > hardboile fiction?...Am I thick here...? it because of the expression
    >> > Œoodles of noodlesı...Iım sure, somebody, somewhere, in some book was
    >> > killed/ noodles...???...
    > Maybe It's just me. I must be out of touch with the current state of American
    > manhood.
    > Is that a cosmopolitan you're drinking . . . ?
    > Jeff
    > from The Modern Drunkard Mag -

    ...²The second factor to take into consideration is the drinkıs name. Because inevitably, someone is going to hear you order it, even if itıs just the bartender. I donıt care if your drink is a mixture of bourbon, bitters and Tabasco sauce; if itıs called a Fuzzy Slipper itıs not manly and you donıt want to order it. You want a tough, classic, simple name. A Bronx. A Rusty Nail. A Boiler Maker. But just remember to steer clear of novelty names that are associated with frat boy drinks. A Scud Missile might sound tough, but it also sounds like you do your drinking at a place with a lot of crazy crap on the wall and waiters that wear striped shirts. Sure, it will get you messed up (itıs Bacardi 151 and cinnamon schnapps for any curious frat boys out there) but so will huffing paint. A name shouldnıt be too trendy, clever, or have sex references in it. Itıs a cocktail, not a punch line.

    So we know what weıre trying to avoid, now letıs put it into practice with an example. Youıre out at a bar and your girlfriend is drinking a Cosmopolitan. You sneak a sip and it tastes pretty good. You contemplate having her stealthily order one on your behalf, but then youıd still have that pink martini glass to deal with. Thinking on your feet, you step up to the bar prepared to order a Kamikaze. After all, itıs just like a Cosmo without the splash of cranberry to pinkify it. But just before the word escapes your lips you realize youıll sound like a frat boy. They might even ask for your ID (which your little brother happens to be ³borrowing² at the moment). Just as the bartender is about to give you the hairy eyeball (which isnıt a drink, but should be) you say, ³Iıll have a vodka and triple sec. Rocks. And can I get a lime with that?² Youıve just ordered a basic version of a Kamikaze (the only difference is that most bars would put Roseıs lime juice in a Kamikaze so yours will be a bit drier). Itıll taste pretty similar to a Cosmo, be served in a rocks glass and looks just like a gin and tonic or any other such clear drink. Whatıs more, you asked for something simple and specific, which makes you look like a man who knows how to drink. Granted, the triple sec is not the most manly of ingredients, but youıre still a lot better off than you were ordering a Cosmo or Kamikaze.²...

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