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Date: 16 Sep 2009

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    The French version of the Brewer novel kept the original English title The cover you display is from a now defunct series of noir/hB novels published in France NEARLY ALL from the HCC catalog with the HCC logo (by arrangements with the American publisher).Bad distribution, weird covers and bad communication  combined with the lack of patience from the French publishing group made the whole thing to disappear. after only 6 months !! A pity because it was an excellent selection of novels.

    E. Borgers

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    I have found something that seems quite bizarre, and I would be delighted if someone could explain it to me.

    I was trolling for Gil Brewer titles in the database, and I found a bookstore in France that has in stock something like 20 copies of a French edition of Brewer's _13 French Street_.  Here's where it gets weird:  Though it is a French publication, it appears to be published in the original English, and the cover design includes a version of the Hard Case Crime logo.  Say what?

    If anyone is curious to see the cover image, I have temporarily posted it at the top of my blog, here:

    http://pulppoem. blogspot. com/

    Anthing from wild theory to actual fact would be appreciated!

    David R.

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