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Date: 17 Jun 2009

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    You can find a lot of his stories online at:

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    > I'm halfway through Lewis Shiner's Black and White and am curious if he has
    > any readers on this list. I'm interested in reading more by him. I've
    > learned that he is a friend of Joe Lansdale and there are some similarities
    > in their storytelling style.
    > Incidentally, I picked up the book based on a blurb from Jonathan Lethem.
    > Chris
    > ********************
    > Lew wrote some good private eye stories for MSMM early in his career, both
    > on his own and in collaboration with Joe. If I'm remembering correctly,
    > Larry Shaw, who took over as editor between Sam Merwin Jr. and Chuck Fritch,
    > really liked one of the stories by Lew and Joe and wanted it to be the first
    > of a series. But Shaw's editorial tenure lasted about a blink of an eye (I
    > never had any contact with him at all, and I was writing most of the Shayne
    > stories by then), so those plans never came about. About ten years ago, all
    > those PI stories were collected in a book called PRIVATE EYE ACTION AS YOU
    > LIKE IT. It's long out of print, of course, and you could probably buy the
    > individual issues of MSMM with the stories in them cheaper than you could
    > buy the collection. I'm woefully behind on reading Lew's stuff, but he's a
    > good guy and a fine writer.
    > James Reasoner

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