Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: "Pulp" broadcasts on BBC7

Date: 16 Dec 2008

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    Maybe, but then how come I'm always wrong?

    Best, Kerry

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    > > Rara-Avis is not the keeper of knowledge, faith, or anything else;
    > > it's just an ongoing conversation. Now, I would not underrate the
    > > value of an ongoing conversation.
    > You mean like an episode of "Seinfeld"?

      Well, it's one running episode, since 1997 and soon going into 2009.
      We don't settle anything, we don't solve anything, we don't conclude
      anything... we just talk. It's a journey on foot, what else can you do
      but talk to the guys walking with you? The map is dubious, so we'll
      never get anywhere.




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