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Date: 16 Dec 2008

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    Speaking as a former resident in Good Standing (2-plus years) of Sin City , I can authoritatively state that you could fire a cannon down the Strip at any time day or night during the first two weeks of December, and not hit a soul.

    It is, in fact, the off-season.

    And you didn't just get that from Wikipedia.

    All the Best-

    Brian Thornton

    On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 6:41 AM,
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    > Yes, it is a Wikipedia World. The validity of a central, unifying truth is
    > increasingly challenged as popular education expands and more people have
    > access to the input end of the media. Meanwhile, small groups such as RA
    > establish themselves as keepers of the faith in whatever spheres of
    > knowledge appeal to them, girding themselves for battle with alternative
    > beliefs.
    > The PI, that eternal seeker, is overwhelmed. How much of what she remembers
    > actually happened, and how much was agreed wisdom? Is there anything to be
    > gained by revisiting and revising old, cold cases? She rummages her desk for
    > her bottomless bottle of bourbon, and wonders what Wikipedia pays its
    > editors.
    > Just got back from Las Vegas, my first trip, and I'm wondering, given the
    > current financial news, if maybe it won't be my only trip there. So many
    > construction cranes, but I didn't see any of them moving. Maybe it was the
    > wind. Maybe it was the weekend. Maybe, Christmas carols pumped into every
    > concrete corner, it was just the off season.
    > Christmas as surreality's off season, or the end of surreality as I almost
    > got to know it? That's my dilemma but I'm home, tired and broke, and first
    > thing there's an RA email lamenting that some authoritative source got some
    > bit of info wrong and I wanted you all to know that it's good to be back on
    > familiar, noir terra firma.
    > Best,
    > Kerry
    > BTW- I took an unexpected Ripley "Angel" book with me (thought that
    > funny-as-hell series ended long ago) that is not even close to hardboil or
    > noir, but it doesn't matter because there's no place in LV to sit down and
    > only horses read standing up (pretty sure I saw that on Wikipedia.)
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    > In downloading the readings be sure to let the recording go for a few extra
    > minutes and you'll hear a very British, very self-assured BBC announcer note
    > that Paul Cain is the author of The Postman Always Rings Twice. Once the
    > initial amusement wears off, however, there's the depressing thought that,
    > except for we noble few, the history of crime fiction matters less and is
    > less well known than the history of Brittany Spears, And not even the BBC
    > cares enough to research their "facts." It's a Wikipedia world.
    > Dick Lochte
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