RARA-AVIS: Vegas crime/was "Pulp" broadcasts on BBC7

From: Joy Matkowski (jmatkowski1@comcast.net)
Date: 16 Dec 2008

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    I understand the term "financial news" is not to be uttered in Las Vegas right now. The casino owner who was among the ten richest people in the United States earlier this year is now overdue on his payments on $8 billion in debt.
        The country is awash with bizarre, high-stakes finance scandals, and I hope some good crime novelists are paying attention. Joy, unfortunately not even a mediocre crime novelist

    > Maybe, to keep pace with the financial
    > news, they should move the canal from The Venetian to that pyramid
    > building and call it Denial. Well, who am I, as part of the happy
    > throng, to make such suggestions, and to hell with perspective.
    >> Anybody know what they do with those millions of poinsettias come
    > February?
    > Dunno, but I hear that tulip bulbs are the next great thing. A truly
    > novel idea, I think. Wait a minute, Wikipedia says...

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