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From: Julia Linthicum (
Date: 28 Jul 2008

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    On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 9:23 AM, caroli1975 <> wrote:

    *peeking out from lurkerdom*

    > Being mostly a Marvel girl, I can't argue with that. Though Bru's DC
    > work is over and done, and probably as collected as it's gonna get; I
    > heard a rumor there's going to be a hardcover Gotham Central
    > collection but I haven't seen it yet. I read the whole thing in trade
    > paperback, though.

    "Gotham Central" is a wonderful police procedural, a good way of showing the effects of superheroes/vigilantes on the street level. Batman is shown as more of a last resort than the first call, which I appreciated. Michael Lark's artwork and the muted coloring really adds to the atmosphere and noirish qualities. They technically haven't collected the whole series though. The trades were never in any order and they didn't include a couple of arcs/single stories. The hardcovers are supposed to cover it all. The first one is being released in September.

    Julia Linthicum

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