RARA-AVIS: Re: Noir comics (was: The Dark Knight, etc)

From: Mark Finn (markfinn@texas.net)
Date: 29 Jul 2008

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    > It's one of my favorite series. And even though it seems you're sour
    > on Rucka, I have to mention that he did some great Question stories of
    > his own -- his "Huntress:Cry for Blood" uses the character to great
    > effect, and recently he but out "The Question: Five Books of Blood"
    > which deals with a new character to take on the Question identity.

    Being that he has been on the job for a while, I'd give his Question series a look. Maybe it's because he's doing "hired gun" work and not developing his own stuff that I'm underwhelmed. But I *do* like The Huntress and The Question, so I'll check 'em out. Thanks for the tip.

    > Being mostly a Marvel girl, I can't argue with that. Though Bru's DC
    > work is over and done, and probably as collected as it's gonna get; I
    > heard a rumor there's going to be a hardcover Gotham Central
    > collection but I haven't seen it yet. I read the whole thing in trade
    > paperback, though.

    I am, to my chagrin, currently living in a small town with no access to a decent bookstore, much less a comic book shop of any stripe. As such, I rely on infrequent trips to civilization, like Austin, to score any new things.
    > Are you reading 'Criminal,' then? It's probably some of the purest
    > pulp/noir fiction out there now, with reliably interesting HB/noir
    > discussion in the back matter.

    I did pick out a couple of issues of volume 2 last time I was in the big city, and man, was it cool. The essays in the back are fun, and who doesn't like a nice, tight crime story that's in and out in one issue?

    In the last five years, I've swung my buying habits in the direction of trades and collections. They store easier, look nicer, don't cost any more money, and in general (gross generalization, here) adhere to a certain standard of quality for reprint. Meaning, it's mostly the good stuff that gets collected (though I know we could all find exceptions to that idea). In fact, the only time I don't like it is when DC goes "Absolute" on me and published the folio-sized hardcover
    (shelving issues). Otherwise, I tend to prefer the collections these days, but I'll still buy a handful of comics every time I'm in a comic shop--just to see what's going on.

    Mark Finn

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