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Date: 12 Apr 2008

Was there a specific point at which the Spenser novels became less interesting? I liked the early ones too, which I discovered when I was studying detective fiction as an academic subject (Yale, 1976-1980, American Studies major). Checking my reading records, I see that I stayed faithful through the 11th title, Valediction, then I drifted but I don't exactly remember why. I do remember really liking #6 and #7, Looking for Rachel Wallace and Early Autumn -- #8 through #11 have gone foggy in memory.


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> Mario wrote:
> "You really think he's that influential? I know he sells a lot of books,
> and there was a successful television series, but I rarely find anybody
> who confesses to being a fan."
> I think that's his influence. His popularity resurrected the market for
> PI fiction, leading to the publication of lots of great '70s and '80s PI
> writers like Kantner, Lewin, Paretsky, Grafton (well, I'm not much of a
> fan of hers), Barnes, Roberts, Crumley, Solomon, etc, etc.
> And although I got tired of and stopped reading him, the first few
> Spenser books are good reads. And he pioneered the psycho sidekick used
> by Schutz, Mosley, Lehane, and so many others.
> Mark

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