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Date: 12 Mar 2008

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> I reread this one avidly, as is usually the case with Connelly's work.
> It had been many years and I found it just as remarkable. I would say
> that this debut novel remains one of his best books. All the Connelly
> virtues are there: an intricate plot, a deft control of pace that
> doesn't let the reader drift for a millisecond, realistic characters,
> a certain distance in the telling, interesting use of locale, and a
> rollercoaster last act. This one is likely to become a classic of
> crime fiction.

following that Edgar winning debut up with THE BLACK ICE was every bit as impressive a one-two punch as The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity

history I believe, will reflect favorably on the author's body of work

John Lau

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