RARA-AVIS: Re: The Black Echo

From: cptpipes2000 ( cptpipes@hotmail.com)
Date: 13 Mar 2008

Mario said concerning The Black Echo:
> I reread this one avidly, as is usually the case with Connelly's work.
> It had been many years and I found it just as remarkable. I would say
> that this debut novel remains one of his best books.

Connelly month is difficult for me because I am not yet ready to re-read The Overlook but have read all his previous works a minimum of two times. (I guess I have read the Overlook twice as well since I read it serialized in the NYT and again in hardback).
  Just want to ad that Connelly's plotting is tight enough that a new fan can start anywhere and be up to speed in no time. That said, anyone unfamiliar with COnnelly is encourage to start at the beginning, as The Black Echo is a wonderful book.

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