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From: Mark R. Harris (
Date: 18 Feb 2008

Since you asked...I don't see signs of that happening yet. Some of the
"goodies" will undoubtedly appear on Yahoo eventually (if Yahoo survives; anyone following the news lately?). But the basic set-up differences between Yahoo Groups-type boards and vBulletin-type boards are pretty great, and it would be hard if not impossible to build the most significant advantages of vBulletin into Yahoo Groups without making it over 100%.


On 2/18/08, <> wrote:
> Mark R.,
> don't you think that at some point Yahoo will evolve? And if we just keep
> on
> existing here, all the goodies you describe come to us without any effort?
> I was quite pissed about having to adapt to the new Yahoo systems a year
> or so
> back and I really hate adjusting any new elements in my computers or the
> way I
> use computers. Facebook is fine, since it's so simple (now that I've
> stopped
> adding new applications), Crimespace is fine, but I don't really do
> anything
> there, The Big Adios is fine, but I don't really do anything here. Maybe I
> should. I'm quite passive just like most of the members here (and I think
> we
> have, what, over 500 members) and all I really want to do is to read the
> digest, get some new information and delete the posting (if there's
> nothing
> worth to save on my computer; occasionally there is, but then again, the
> posts
> are saved on Yahoo).
> Juri

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