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Date: 18 Feb 2008

I'm not say THOMAS CROWN is landmark McQueen, though in the larger sense, it probably is. McQueen is not out of his element in my opinion. He plays a self-made man, the type of autocratic sociopath that commits this kind of crime. The sociopath born to wealth is much less likely to commit an egocentric crime like this because such people have little to prove to themselves or to the world. The life-long wealthy sociopath is more likely to murder wives, mistresses or business partners believing their luck will hold. And more often than not, they're correct! Thomas Crown is portrayed as a man who's made a fortune through his own intelligence. Now he needs to prove he's smarter than the entire Boston police force. The movie was made in 1969. The Boston Strangler was still a subject of discussion. Whitey Bulger was becoming famous as an enforcer with the Winter Hill Gang, and George V. Higgins first novels about the dark side of Boston had just been published. I thought the split screens of the robbery were a fast way of showing several povs at once. The thing is, I can imagine and robbery going down like that. It was realistic. Showing the robbery from the pov of the frightened delivery man, I thought, was very suspenseful. He was the guy
"everyman" could identify with.

The cat and mouse complexities of the remake were completely unbelievable to me. When you try to pull off something like that, something is bound to go wrong. I know that from experience. The newer movie asks me for too much suspension of belief. Beautiful sets, beautiful people, but the original's the better movie. It's not perfect, but it's a good caper film while the new one descends into the realm of silliness.

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> > You've got to elaborate on your opinion here! In
> what
> > way was the remake of THOMAS CROWN better? The
> robbery
> > was inferior. It was not shot as well, it was not
> cast
> > as well, and was implausable to execute. The
> > characterizations were improbable. The whole
> > pretentious artsy-fartsy ending was just awful.
> The
> > original was straight-forward. It's rough edges
> very
> > realistic with regard to this type of crime.
> >
> I pretty much feel the exact opposite. I'm a big
> McQueen fan, as most
> people here probably are. but he's stilted here
> and out of his element as this
> character. the capers depicted on split screen
> have zero suspense. the chess
> motif had to have been clich鬠even back in 68. (I
> think it was 68). my
> quibble with the remake is that Rene Russo is trying
> way too hard to be a
> "character"
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