RARA-AVIS: About fora (hey, check my spelling!)

From: juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi
Date: 18 Feb 2008

Mark R.,

don't you think that at some point Yahoo will evolve? And if we just keep on existing here, all the goodies you describe come to us without any effort?

I was quite pissed about having to adapt to the new Yahoo systems a year or so back and I really hate adjusting any new elements in my computers or the way I use computers. Facebook is fine, since it's so simple (now that I've stopped adding new applications), Crimespace is fine, but I don't really do anything there, The Big Adios is fine, but I don't really do anything here. Maybe I should. I'm quite passive just like most of the members here (and I think we have, what, over 500 members) and all I really want to do is to read the digest, get some new information and delete the posting (if there's nothing worth to save on my computer; occasionally there is, but then again, the posts are saved on Yahoo).


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