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> There's an interesting entry on Geis in Lee Server's Encyclopedia
of Pulp
> Fiction Writers. Apparently as time went on Geis's production
became more
> esoteric/marginal/lurid (take your pick), until by the Seventies
he was
> writing incest porn and bestiality porn among much other work. Now
> sleaze for you!

That was the market in porn novels for you. A bit like complaining that crime fiction got too violent as hardboiled arose.

Geis, who has been a prolific sf fan publisher indeed, saw his 1960s PSYCHOTIC become SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW, then he briefly let someone else issue a different magazine with that title, then in 1973 put out three issues of RICHARD E. GEIS mostly as a "personalzine" about his own life, which became with its fourth issue a more reviews and critical-article-laden THE ALIEN CRITIC and shortly thereafter SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW with the late Bill Bowers's OUTWORLDS, Andy Porter's ALGOL (later STARSHIP) and Tom Reamy's TRUMPET and such later titles as THRUST/QUANTUM and SCIENCE FICTION EYE, only perhaps more ferociously than any of those others, SFR and TAC were crossroads publications for those in sf who were both serious about sf and interested in relatively informal prose
(analogous to THE ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE and similar ambitious cf reviews).

Geis still publishes, most accessibly through

Todd Mason

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