RE : RARA-AVIS: Dirty Snow

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 17 Dec 2007

Glad you appreciated the novel. As I already said many times here on R-A, it's his masterpiece.
  As for the non-Maigret works, "romans durs" as he called them, you will find a very good and handy bibliography of translations in a short essay published in the UK (they mention the original French titles): THE POCKET ESSENTIAL GEORGES SIMENON (2003)
  Then you have also an interesting bio written by Patrick Marnham : THE MAN WHO WASN'T MAIGRET- A PORTRAIT OF GEORGES SIMENON, which has a good bibliography of Simenon's works, inclusive non-Maigret IIRC.
  You will find a brief intro to these books (more detailed for the Pocket Essential) in my website in English dedicated to Belgian culture, a site created at the dawn of the Web and intended for general public (not mysteries aficionados)
  the very short presentation of Simenon starts at :
  Hope this will help.

"Mark R. Harris" <> a 飲it : I just finished reading Georges Simenon's intense noir novel Dirty Snow, in the Marc Romano/Louise Varese translation published by New York Review Books, and I can recommend it unqualifiedly.
..../... Does anyone know of a good bibliography of Simenon's non- The most helpful sort of bibliography from my point of view would include the original French titles, years of publications, and pseudonyms if any; plus detailed information about all of the translations into English (there are multiples on many Simenon titles). OK, so I am asking for a lot.

Best, Mark

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