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Date: 21 Dec 2007

There's an interesting entry on Geis in Lee Server's Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers. Apparently as time went on Geis's production became more esoteric/marginal/lurid (take your pick), until by the Seventies he was writing incest porn and bestiality porn among much other work. Now that's sleaze for you!

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On 12/21/07, <> wrote:
> Richard Geis was a prolific writer of sleaze paperbacks in the fifties
> and
> sixties (and also in the seventies, perhaps), but he's been better known
> as a
> science fiction fan who published a fanzine called Psychotic for quite a
> long
> time.
> I've read two sleaze books by him and the other one is actually quite
> good.
> It's called BEDROOM CITY, published by France Books in 1962. It's about a
> writer called Ray Krell who's doomed to write only paperback originals. He
> hates his suburbian neighbours and his beautiful wife and has an affair.
> This
> reminded me of Charles Bukowski and there's a sense of appealing
> hopefulness in
> the story.
> The worse one is GIRLSVILLE (France Books 1963), which is a private eye
> novel,
> about a guy called Vic Kunzer. The novel reads like a bad Richard Prather,
> but
> doesn't get enough speed at any time. I've written an entry for Kunzer to
> be
> used in Thrilling Detective.
> Sorry, didn't have to do more. Merry Xmas to all!
> Juri

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