RARA-AVIS: Boxing fiction (around Boxing Day)

From: foxbrick ( foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 26 Dec 2007

As we were discussing last February:

RARA-AVIS: Re: Sports Noir (particularly boxing):

I've only begun it, before packing it away this summer in the course of moving house (and haven't dug it back out yet), but Michael Shaara's boxing novel THE BROKEN PLACE probably belongs here (his sports- fiction novella FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME might well not, haven't even started that one yet...the film would suggest no, but that's the film).

Walter Tevis's billiards novels THE HUSTLER and THE COLOR OF MONEY seem also likely candidates.

While the likes of WP Kinsella's SHOELESS JOE or Dan Jenkins's sports novels are probably not quite desperate enough for (most definitions here of) noir.

But I surely would like to get my hands on William Campbell Gault's adult sports novels...thanks for the citation, Richard [Moore]!

Todd Mason

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