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Date: 10 Dec 2007

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> Oh, please.
******************************************************* Let's knock off these dismissive openers. It makes me want to respond sarcastically. And we know where that can lead!
****************************************************** First off, Tony Richardson and Lindsay
> Anderson and just about every other Kitchen Sink
> creator took more from the Italian Neo-Realists than
> film noir. (Even if Visconti's Osseione did kick off
> the neo-realist movement.)
****************************************************** Fine, but you're not saying Saturday Night & Sunday Morning and Lonliness of a Longdistance Runner, or This Sporting Life aren't noir stories, are you? They may not be so closely related to the American school of film that the French identified as "noir." But by our common definition these are definitely noir stories and they certainly influenced noir films that followed them.
****************************************************** Blow Up may not be subtle
> to you but then maybe the subtleness escaped you.
> Antonioni isn't known for brash Wellesian flourishes
> (if that's what you said) and maybe that's what got
> you down, bunkie.
****************************************************** I'm not down on Blow Up. I love Blow Up. I've seen it numerous times. But in my estimation, Blow Up is not noir, it's a spoof on noir. Hemmings captures something on film and when he finally analyzes it he realizes he's witnessed a murder. But his actions lead to nothing. The killer is never brought to justice. And by the end Hemming's imagination has become so cynical and uncertain, he can't even be induced to cooperate in a game. This is Chandler dropping the ball. Though the film is not heavy handed in a Wellsian way, it's heavy handed in its own way. The understated audiio, scenes that build but don't climax are as self conscious as Wells long pans and strange camara angles. But Blow Up is a fabulous film and very thought provoking. Woody Allen's very unsubtle Crimes
& Misdemeanors owes a lot to it philosophically if not technically.

Patrick King

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