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Date: 26 Oct 2007

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> Re: Moorcock - All of the major New Worlds writers: Michael Moorcock;
> M John Harrison; J G Ballard & of course James Sallis all have spoken
> at length of their admiration for Hammett and Chandler.
> --Brian Lindenmuith
I too like Effinger. Ballard is brilliant and it is about time I reread some of his work. Sallis is great in both genres and in nonfiction. He wrote an excellent book on guitar players. One New Worlds writer who seldom gets his due is Keith Roberts. He was quite wonderful and, like Effinger, suffered through a great many health problems.

Interestingly the few forays into our area by Michael Moorcock that I've read were light-hearted espionage spoofs (THE CHINESE AGENT and THE RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE). They reminded me of some of Westlake's early spoofs.

There may be more serious Moorcock crime novels that I simply have not gotten to. There's one, for example, entitled THE ENGLISH ASSASSIN
(1972). Anyone out there who's read this one?

Richard Moore

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