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Date: 26 Oct 2007

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> > Re: Moorcock - All of the major New Worlds writers: Michael
> > M John Harrison; J G Ballard & of course James Sallis all have
> > at length of their admiration for Hammett and Chandler.
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> > --Brian Lindenmuith
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> I too like Effinger. Ballard is brilliant and it is about time I
> reread some of his work. Sallis is great in both genres and in
> nonfiction. He wrote an excellent book on guitar players. One New
> Worlds writer who seldom gets his due is Keith Roberts. He was
> wonderful and, like Effinger, suffered through a great many health
> problems.
> Interestingly the few forays into our area by Michael Moorcock that
> I've read were light-hearted espionage spoofs (THE CHINESE AGENT
> THE RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE). They reminded me of some of Westlake's
> early spoofs.
> There may be more serious Moorcock crime novels that I simply have
> gotten to. There's one, for example, entitled THE ENGLISH ASSASSIN
> (1972). Anyone out there who's read this one?
> Richard Moore

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