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Date: 14 Oct 2007

I can always find Hard Case Crime novels at my local bookstores, especially the "big box" stores, Borders and Barnes & Noble. The latest ones are usually featured prominently in a display of newly-released mystery novels.

~ Darrell

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> In fairness, though, Charles, how do you market Hard
> Case Crimes? I live in northern Massachusetts and buy
> all my Hard Case books through Amazon. They're simply
> not available in stores. I've never seen them in a
> book store in this neck of the woods. If you put them
> in wire, rotating racks in stores where comics and
> magazines are sold, in bus stations and airports, etc;
> if you put them around like the old Dell Paperbacks,
> and Gold Medal, and Ace, and Pyramid, you'd sell a lot
> more copies. Right now, you have no impulse market, at
> least where I live. Maybe they're all over New York
> City, but in the burbs, if you don't already know
> about Hard Case Crime, you're not likely to learn
> about these books.
> Patrick King

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