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Date: 09 Oct 2007

I was very disappointed in the ending of The Black Dahlia, though. Doesn't work for me psychologically or logically. Both Michael Gilmore's book Severed, and Don Wolfe's The Black Dahlia File, both of which have fanciful resolutions to my mind, are more on the money than Elroy's conclusions. I also perfer Dunne's True Confessions as a novel about the Dahlia crime to Elroy's. I love Elroy's atmosphere and his language. The resolution to his plots, to my mind, leave a lot to be desired. My Dark Places is by far the best book he's ever written. I think that the unresolved issue in his own life, makes it difficult for him to resolve his novels.

Patrick King
--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> Mario wrote:
> I don't see it as the driving force, though this
> book
> is so rich that I have trouble reconstructing it in
> my
> mind. I would have to reread it in order to give a
> fresh opinion. In any case, are you referring to the
> protagonist's obsession with the Dahlia or to his
> falling for the girl and getting into trouble?
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> The Black Dahlia is spectacular, isn't it? It's one
> of a dozen books that I've read twice and loved both
> times. I was referring to Bucky's obsession with
> the
> Dahlia. The corruption was rampant, but it was his
> thing for the Dahlia that was pushing him towards
> the
> edge.
> miker
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