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From: Patrick King (
Date: 09 Oct 2007

Bogart reads the "because all of me wants to" moment passionately, but that would be the way Brigid wants to hear it. He's still playing her, making an auditory concession. When he tells her if they let her out in 25 years he'll be waiting, he's absolutely kidding her. In 25 years they'll both be over 60. Astor, for her part, plays it beautifully. She doesn't beleive he's not going to pull her out of it until the elevator screen closes on her, and she tell us this just with her eyes. Mary Astor was a sadly underused actress due mostly to the public nature of her love affairs. That last speech is one of the great moments in film.

Patrick King
--- Jack Bludis <> wrote:

> Patrick King said:
> >>I think you're missing the whole point here. Spade
> was
> always playing Brigid. He was never in love with
> her.
> He knew by the time he put her and Joel together,
> that
> it was she who killed Miles AND Thrusby. That whole
> speech at the end is said sarcastically as Bogart
> does
> it. "I hope they don't hang you by that pretty neck"
> "I'll be waiting for you." He's kidding her and it
> dawns on her, as Mary Astor shows, that it's she
> who's
> been played this time. Bridgid is a sociopath, just
> as
> crazy as the rest of them; maybe a little worse. And
> Sam Spade is under no illusion. He knew she was
> lying
> when she first came into his office but she overpaid
> him enough so it didn't matter.<<
> By Jove, I think he's got it.
> Take that and the fact that Spade knew or suspected
> from
> the the beginning that she killed Miles, and it all
> makes
> sense.
> One point of disagreement, though. I don't think
> Bogart
> delivers that speech sarcastically, I think he
> delivers it
> rapidly because if it were slower, it would be a
> tedious
> wrap-up. I do think he was putting her on though.
> Jack
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