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Date: 17 Jul 2007

You are speaking of « L'homme du train » (2002) a very good film indeed, wherein a kind of professional outlaw (Halliday) encounters and spend some time at the place of a retired lit. professor (Rochefort) in a very small town. Halliday is there to plan a bank rebbery. Finally each of them wishes for a life similar to what the other lived.
  Very clever film. Superb actors.
  In English: "The man on the train".
  The screenplay was by Claude Klotz who was a very innovative French HB/noir writer during the 70s and who became later a very famous writer in gen lit under the name of Patrick Cauvin. The film maker was Patrice Leconte who made several good films in very different genres, inclusive HB/noir and comedy.

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<<Why's it called Le Samourai? Dunno. But there're no swords here. And the reference/analogy is well placed.>>

I don't know, but speaking of cool French noir movies, a couple of years ago I saw a great one, I forget the title but Johnny Halliday and Jean Rochefort were the protagonists. Does anyone remember the title. It's about a guy who arrives in a small town and is taken in by an older guy who lives alone. A perfectly cold dish, perfectly scripted, directed and acted.




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