Re: RARA-AVIS: Slightly OT: Ingmar Bergman Noir?

From: Steve Novak (
Date: 13 Mar 2007

This Steve thinks that Bergman has really nothing to do with any noir concept, idea, aesthetics....except� par le fait qu�il a fait des films en noir et blanc... He�s a great film director...he�s important in the history of cinema...many of his ideas, concepts are quite depass� and he has been villified for years now (especially in Euro) after the great years, but he�s to be studied...and watched...but noir he never was...

Steve from Detroit...

On 3/13/07 5:06 PM, "GERLACH, Steve" <> wrote:

> Anyone got a view on Ingmar Bergman being a great Noir film director?
> Amazon says (regarding a recently released collection): Before The Seventh
> Seal and Wild Strawberries established him as one of the great masters of
> cinema, Ingmar Bergman created a series of less well known, devastating
> psychological character studies, marked by intricate, layered narratives,
> gritty environments, and haunting visuals. These early films, which show the
> stirrings of the genius to come, remain the hidden treasures of a European
> cinema on the cusp of a golden age. The films are Torment / Crisis / Port of
> Call / Thirst / To Joy and I'm wondering if I should pick them up. Any
> feedback greatly appreciated.

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