Re: RE : Re: RARA-AVIS: Who changed the noir writing ?

From: Steve Novak (
Date: 13 Mar 2007

I �third� your view: Lehane is very overated...good, sometimes very solid but not more than average and positively not an innovator...

Thanks to some answers to �Who changed noir writing ?� in the past month, I picked up Vixen of Ken Bruen and that is a true discovery and a great new voice added to my own pantheon of innovators...I�ll read more about him on the net but I�m just curious if some here see him in the continuation somehow of Derek Raymond...along with Martyn Waites...I have no preconception about it, just asking...but his book shook me just like, many years ago, some of Derek�s books...

Merci for any info...

Steve...le Montois de D�troit

On 3/13/07 4:22 PM, "E. Borgers" <> wrote: I second your opinion on this book.
> Too long, too many unnnecessary details on "secondary-secondary" characters,
> and a very average story.
> Professional:yes. Outstanding: no.
> But Lehane did worse: "Shutter Island", this one with even more acclaim. A
> false good story, and episodes that you could find everywhere since a long
> time.
> Entertainement thriller, maybe. Good lit: ?
> I think Lehane is an overvalued writer, having a lot of readers with limited
> knowledge of genre lit. Even of lit.
> Why is it so ? I wonder...

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