RARA-AVIS: Re: Anyway, Goodis

From: uplandharmabooks ( uplandharmabooks@yahoo.com)
Date: 04 Jan 2007

Vicki wrote:

"When I read a novel with a male protagonist, I automatically put myself into his place, if I'm caught up at all. Do you do that? I wonder if male readers put themselves into the place of female protagonists?"

Yes, I do that, too, Vicki. I read Branded Woman by Wade Miller (which I've exaulted on here before ;) ) and had Jerry (my husband) read it after I finished. He was able to put himself in Cay's place and says he was really uneasy at the end (I won't give anything away). He said that he automatically does it, too. I've been reading since I was really little and so many books have male protags that it isn't even a conscious effort for me to put myself in his place, like you said, if I'm caught up in it. I'm not sure if guys feel the same...well, boys, what do you say?


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