RARA-AVIS: Re: London bookstores

From: Charlie Williams ( cs_will@hotmail.com)
Date: 31 May 2002

Stephen Miller wrote:
>I will be spending some time in London next month. Do
>any of the rare birds
>have suggestions on bookstores that carry some good HB
>stuff not available
>in the States? I know about Crime in Store and Murder
>One, and would
>welcome anything off the beaten path. Thanks,


I pick up some good titles now and then in the second-hand bookshops along Charing Cross Road, so if you go to Murder One check them out. Start at Borders and work your way down to Cambridge Circus and you'll come across a few.

Also there's a great book stall at Camden Market that I've picked up a few hardboiled/noir from. From the tube walk towards the lock and the entrance to the market is just after you go under the rail bridge. There are other entrances but these may not be much good unless you're after incense sticks and tie-died dresses. If you get last just ask one of the stall owners (and buy some incense).

Have a good trip.

Charlie Williams.

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