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Date: 31 May 2002

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> Another obvious choice would be the best books from
> the Lion line. I know very little about them, but I
> read an essay in the BIG BOOK OF NOIR which made them
> sound absolutely mouthwatering. I have *never* found a
> Lion paperback, and I do keep an eye out for them.

"Sleep With the Devil" and "Joy House" by Day Keene are both excellent (and printed by several other publishers - my "Joy House" is a Lancer double with Milton Ozaki's "City Of Sin"). SWTD is one of my all-time favourites. As is Gerald Kersh's "Prelude To A Certain Midnight", which I much preferred to
"Night And The City". Elaezar Lipsky's "Kiss of Death" (aka The Hoodlum) is pretty good. Millen Brand's "The Outward Room" is wonderfully bleak, but it isn't a crime novel. I have "Lie Down Killer" (Prather), but haven't read it yet. Two of Karp's books published by Lion were also published by another publisher (can't remember who) under different titles and, just to be extra confusing, a pseudonym ("The Big Feeling", aka "The Gentle Thief" by Wallace Ware, and "Cry Flesh", aka "The Girl On Crown Street" by Wallace Ware).

Al Guthrie

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