Re: RARA-AVIS: Destroyer (and a little Vachss)

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 18 Feb 2002

George wrote about Vachss's Flood:

"he had all kinds of cool gadgets, an ensemble cast of weirdos each with his or her own special skill, a complete loner for a protagonist, . . ."

This is oen of the things that bugged me about this book and the series, by extension. How can Burke be even half the loner he envisions himself, while also having his steady surrogate family of weirdos? It's one or the other.

"I enjoyed FLOOD, but at the same level at which I plan to enjoy the Destroyer novels again . . ."

I was going to say the Destroyer novels are a hell of a lot shorter, but you cover that:

"I'm sure I'll read more Vachss, but if they continue to be as long and drawn out as FLOOD, I'm going to wish he'd let me edit them."

Someone should. I find the bloat of the Burke books particularly surprising given how terse his style is in all of his other writings I've read, short stories, comics and the great standalone novel Shella.


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