Re: RARA-AVIS: New to the list

From: Joe Dante (
Date: 18 Feb 2002

At 2/18/02 04:05 PM, Doug Hoffman, MD wrote:
>At the risk of getting tossed from the list, the story's in that weird
>hybrid class of noir science fiction, but I hope it will appeal to
>hard-boiled fans who won't get turned off by the science fiction window

Welcome Dr. Doug ... sorry, couldn't resist (it's what we call my son's Dentist).

I may be a minority, but I like the noir science fiction, thriller stuff. Favorites being Phillip K. Dick and F. Paul Wilson (Repairman Jack Rocks!). And I can understand why SKINTIGHT might have been a bit close to home, but Hiassen is a scream -- LUCKY YOU is one of my all-time favorites of his.

Looking forward to hearing more about your novel.

Joe D. NY, NY

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