Re: RARA-AVIS: Momo, the Black Prince

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 03 Feb 2002

> Does anyone bring the Momo/JFK/Monroe trio together? Any hardboiled
> bring in the Irish Mob as well? I'd be interested in reading a
> hardboiled series that brings all the common elements together such as
> Sherlock Holmes would ...
> Starts with Daddy Kennedy's bootlegging days with the Irish mob and
> moves to JFK getting elected with help of Daddy's mob connections in
> Chicago, West Virginia and elsewhere ... Frank Sinatra introducing the
> Italian mob to the party. JFK is elected and appoints his brother
> to be the Attorney General with Bobby (and maybe even JFK) not knowing
> of their connections to the mafia as well as the debt JFK owes them.
> Bobby starts to investigate and put pressure on the mafia, killing him
> would be too obvious at this point so they arrange for JFK to be
> assassinated by Irish mob members within the Boston FBI ranks. Unknown
> to them budding Communist Lee Harvey Oswald also plans to assassinate
> JFK in a wild-ass coincidence that can only happen in real life ...
> thinking fast the mob hires Jack Ruby a local strip club owner with
> tenuous ties to the mob is called in to silence Lee before a clear
> picture of his role can be obtained. Marilyn Monroe knows enough to
> things together or actually knows of the mobs plans and thus a year
> prior she's assassinated to eliminate her revealing the plot. Next JFK
> is assassinated. This would have ended it, but Bobby's run for the
> Presidency is looking good and the mob fears that either he will
> the JFK investigation and/or renew his crusade against organized crime
> so once more the Irish FBI mobsters assassinate 'im. Then 7 years
> after being released from prison by Nixon in 1971 and prevented from
> regaining his power until 1980, Jimmy Hoffa tries to play his trump
> with Detroit mobsters: Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano having
> been a messenger boy in the planning of the JFK assassination in order
> to regain his position and is silenced forever.
> ... yeah, someone should write that. A good hardboiled PI could flesh
> all out. Maybe he begins the investigation as a young DA or Homicide
> Detective becomes disillusioned with the cover-up, becomes a PI, and
> keeps gathering the evidence over the years.
> --
> Anthony Dauer
> Alexandria, Virginia
How does Elvis fit in?


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