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Date: 03 Feb 2002

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> The more I read about Sam "Momo" Giancana the more mythic
> proportions he takes on - he's been linked to such epochal
> events as the St Valentine's Day Massacre, the
> assassination of JFK, the suicide/murder of Marilyn Monroe

Does anyone bring the Momo/JFK/Monroe trio together? Any hardboiled tale bring in the Irish Mob as well? I'd be interested in reading a hardboiled series that brings all the common elements together such as Sherlock Holmes would ...

Starts with Daddy Kennedy's bootlegging days with the Irish mob and then moves to JFK getting elected with help of Daddy's mob connections in Chicago, West Virginia and elsewhere ... Frank Sinatra introducing the Italian mob to the party. JFK is elected and appoints his brother Bobby to be the Attorney General with Bobby (and maybe even JFK) not knowing of their connections to the mafia as well as the debt JFK owes them. Bobby starts to investigate and put pressure on the mafia, killing him would be too obvious at this point so they arrange for JFK to be assassinated by Irish mob members within the Boston FBI ranks. Unknown to them budding Communist Lee Harvey Oswald also plans to assassinate JFK in a wild-ass coincidence that can only happen in real life ... thinking fast the mob hires Jack Ruby a local strip club owner with tenuous ties to the mob is called in to silence Lee before a clear picture of his role can be obtained. Marilyn Monroe knows enough to put things together or actually knows of the mobs plans and thus a year prior she's assassinated to eliminate her revealing the plot. Next JFK is assassinated. This would have ended it, but Bobby's run for the Presidency is looking good and the mob fears that either he will reopen the JFK investigation and/or renew his crusade against organized crime so once more the Irish FBI mobsters assassinate 'im. Then 7 years later after being released from prison by Nixon in 1971 and prevented from regaining his power until 1980, Jimmy Hoffa tries to play his trump card with Detroit mobsters: Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano having been a messenger boy in the planning of the JFK assassination in order to regain his position and is silenced forever.

... yeah, someone should write that. A good hardboiled PI could flesh it all out. Maybe he begins the investigation as a young DA or Homicide Detective becomes disillusioned with the cover-up, becomes a PI, and keeps gathering the evidence over the years.

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, Virginia

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