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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 03 Feb 2002

Other than I saw him on the Green Line heading into DC from the Navy Yard Station's platform in October of 1993, I don't know. He was wearing a white sequined jumpsuit and carrying a guitar case though. He had also lost a lot of weight was looking rather healthy for a man his age. Could be I wasn't supposed to see him though cause a month or so later I saw one of those huge black SUVs with blacked out windows like the Secret Service drive to tail the President on the walk home from the Yellow Line Huntington Station. I know it was Elvis again cause of his vanity plates. Nothing like hiding in plain sight. Who knows, if it wasn't for my position as a Defense Contractor supporting the Navy's efforts in Information Warfare and Psyops at the time I might have disappeared too.

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, Virginia

"If I die, then I forgive you ... ... if I survive, we shall see."
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How does Elvis fit in?

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