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From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 21 Nov 2001

John Williams:

> To my mind his least satisfying books are his one attempt at a series the
> Jerry Kennedy novel (Kennedy for the Defence at al ) which tend to the
> As to his legal background, Higgins worked for the DA before setting up in
> private practice as a criminal lawyer. Later he taught creative writing.
> was indeed a hard man to know, one who didn't suffer fools gladly, and was
> for a long time unhappy to be classified as a crime writer (later though
> mellowed and once told me that to be thought of in the same league as
> Leonard or Ross Thomas was fine by him).

John, A few years ago I read his non-fiction The Progress of the Seasons because supposedly it was about the Red Sox. Actually it's more a memoir. I think when he was trying to be pleasant this personality you and Jerry refer to came out as didn't particularly like him and had not read any of his fiction books until recently. Like you I was very impressed by Friends of Eddie Coyle and liked Digger's Game. I think the movie of Coyle was hurt by not having Jackie Brown played by a black actor, but caught much of the novel.

When I first knew I would be doing this month on Boston I started looking for his books in used book stores. I was surprised how they have almost disappeared.Compare that to Parker whose first books came out only a couple of years after Higgins' The books I saw were Kennedy's, but I do have Rat on Fire which now goes up higher on my tbr list. Mark

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