RARA-AVIS: Rara-avis Malice ( the Moive) and Immaculate Conception

From: David Roye ( broye@us.ibm.com)
Date: 22 Aug 2001

I may have seen some post here on a movie that is about 6 years old called
'Malice' string Nicole Kidman, Alex Baldwin and Bill Pullman. I enjoyed the movie. Twenty to Thirty years ago or even longer it would have been a B movie and a second billed movie of double feature. There is no real shame in that but given the economics of movies today, no movie, not even a D movie is can be anything but an A feature.

Putting that aside 'Malice' had been shown in very heavy rotation this month on various premium cable channels. I saw it last night. A mistake in the movie stuck me very odd, given that it took place in Boston, which may the most predominate Catholic city in The United States. The scene where the Pullman character confronts his wife's lawyer with the fact that he could not have been the father of the child (fetus) that died in the operation. He states ( more or less): 'how could that have been my child, was it immaculate conception.

Of course Immaculate Conception is the notion that Mary was conceived without sin (not sex) and not the fact that Jesus was conceived through the Holy Ghost (nee Holy Sprirt) without sex. This is a basic tenet of Catholicism. It is the main difference between Catholicism and the various Protestant denominations. This is also a common mistake that Protestant make thinking that the Jesus' conception was via Immaculate Conception. A city like Boston with its strong Catholic presence and character, I found it odd that the character would make such a glaring mistake. I don't know if the character was Catholic or not. But I suspect that the author of script was just ignorant of this. What a shame

Respectfully B. D. Roye

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