From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 22 Aug 2001

I was out in a nearby monster bookstore Monday, picking up PULP MASTERS
(edited by Gorman and Greenberg) which so many people have talked about here. It looks great--the three anthologies those guys have done are very nice. Wandering around the stacks, what did I see, for the first time ever, but Jason Starr's first novel, COLD CALLER (1997)? I grabbed it and read it yesterday.

It's as good as I'd hoped, an excellent first novel. He's really got the noir stuff. It's about a guy working at telemarketing, Bill Moss, who's after the American Dream like the others in Starr's books. He seems like a normal fellow, but like Starr can do so well, he tells the story straight-forwardly and gradually reveals things that show the guy's a complete maniac. He's having an argument with his girlfriend, say, and all of a sudden his arm is cocked and his fist clenched. There's no description of how angry he felt, or of consciously getting ready to punch, his first is just there, and you realize there's something to him you'd never have guessed before. As in Starr's other two books it's a pretty swift descent into hell, and each step along the way I was cringing. Moss's evil hurts practically everyone he meets.

Starr's next book, HARD FEELINGS, will be out from Black Lizard in January, and on his web site he says they'll do another within a year after. I've said it before, and so have others, but if you haven't read anything by him, check him out. You'll like him. NOTHING PERSONAL and FAKE I.D. are his two other books.


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