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From: William Denton (
Date: 12 Jan 2001

On 12 January 2001, Maura McMillan wrote:

: how come no one's talking about the significance of heidi?

I have no idea what it's about. Does it relate?

Speaking of books, this bit from SIDESWIPE, Hoke #3, cracked me up this morning. Hoke finally had his nervous breakdown, and has abandoned his family and is trying to simplify his life by managing an apartment building on an island, eating chili five times a week and wearing only yellow jumpsuits with no underwear. He talks to one of the tenants, an entomologist who's on sabbatical writing a novel:

| "The novel's coming along, though. I'm writing about a college
| professor at Gainesville, a history professor, who's having an
| affair with one of his students--an orthodontist's daughter from
| Fort Lauderdale. She works part-time in a wicker furniture,
| and they meed there at night to make love."
| "Does she have bad teeth?" [says Hoke.]
| "Yes. How'd you know that?"

This island, we're told, was also where the editorial offices of ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE once were, and I guess that's where Willeford went when he edited there.


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